Wireless networks

From a single office, restaurant or pub to a campus, holiday resort or entertainment venue, Itelica can provide the right wireless solution for your needs and budget. We install scalable, enterprise wireless networks, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless to connect two or more separate sites that cannot be connected using conventional wired or fibre technology. Our wireless networks use cutting-edge, best-of-breed hardware allowing access points to be deployed and managed through a central portal which is cloud based or locally provisioned. As well as being high-performance, reliable and secure, our wireless networks have advanced features like detailed reporting and analytics, real-time changes to network topology, guest portal and hotspot functionality in addition to built-in support for billing integration using major credit cards (ideal for hotels or multitenant business centres).

Managed Service

We can provide wireless networks as a fully managed service. Once installed, you pay a fixed sum each month for us to manage your wireless network, including support, maintenance, firmware and software upgrades and the management of users, security, passphrases, SSIDs, guest networks and hotspots. Our managed wireless service is fully scalable so regardless of your business size, you can scale up or down as you need. Optionally, we can include the replacement of failed access points, routers and switches in the service, giving you full peace of mind. Please call for details.

Connectivity issues?

We also trouble-shoot issues with wireless networks, identifying and rectifying causes. We run a series of tests using a variety of tools and techniques to establish if issues are caused by inadequate, faulty or misconfigured devices, weak signals as a result of internal building configuration, channel congestion, repetitive electrical impulse noise or other less obvious factors. Once we have identified the issues(s) we rectify them to resolve the problem.

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