Data networks with many different devices and numerous new types of traffic are in use globally now. This improves connectivity opportunities but also increases risks of attack and security breaches. Therefore, it is critical the right infrastructure is built along with connectivity, so your business applications can be securely routed without risk.

Our relationships with leading internet service providers mean we can provide reliable and high-performance connectivity to deliver essential business applications. This enables our clients to take advantage of additional business services beyond just connectivity.

Itelica work with you at the design stage when providing a tailored telecoms solution by gathering business requirements to determine the best route, make a proposal and offer recommendations for the long-term business objectives.


We can connect your business sites with a single, secure, private MPLS network, designed and built to your requirements. This provides complete connectivity for multi-site businesses which is efficient and scalable. With end to end security, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), continual real-time network monitoring and network redundancy for uninterrupted traffic flow, we keep your business-critical data flowing safely and reliably.


A 4G backup service can be provided for seamless transfer from fixed to mobile in the event an outage occurs. This service detects when the fixed line fails and automatically switches to the mobile service, ensuring your business transactions continue flowing.

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