Mobile & remote working

The ability to work away from the office, yet still have access to corporate data and work documents is becoming increasingly important. This is because it has a number of benefits, some of which are:

1. Gives staff flexible working hours. Working at the weekend or evening when the office is closed becomes possible.
2. Reduces the need to rent larger offices with car park space to match. Some companies have groups of staff who are permanent home or satellite office workers.
3. Alleviates workers needing to make long or exhausting journeys to and from work and allows staff to continue working when the weather makes travel impossible.
4. Allows staff with family responsibilities, like young children, to continue working while they look after them.
5. Allows groups from different regions or even countries to communicate and collaborate as if they at working in the same location.

Itelica enable these benefits in a variety of ways; including cloud desktops, cloud servers, remotely accessible office workstations, VPNs, file and folder synchronisation between cloud and local storage, Office 365 and other cloud working solutions.

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