Managed Print Services

Itelica provide the latest, cutting-edge print technology tailored to meet your needs including MFPs, desktop mono & colour printers, freestanding mono & colour printers, and A3/A4 colour multifunctional devices.

We base all our recommendations on facts and will only ever provide you with equipment that we feel is relevant to your business needs. We use cutting edge print audit technology to scan your network giving us the data required to advise exactly what equipment you require. We ensure we fully understand all your costs and operating requirements before making a recommendation, as the last thing you want to do is make a decision based on guesswork. All the products we provide are backed by outstanding service. We don't hide terms in the small print and genuinely care about your business. We also provide service agreements. The benefits of these are:

1. Locally based service engineers on hand to handle any issues.
2. Inclusive of all call outs, parts, labour, toners, cartridges, drums, fusers, waste toner units, transfer belts, maintenance kits, service and support! Essentially everything other than the paper and electricity, you use.
3. No more storing expensive toners on your shelves that you pay for up front.
4. No expiring warranties.
5. Pay for what you use, regardless of what you get from a cartridge.
6. Easy to budget as each print is charged for at a set rate to help control your expenditure.

Have you ever considered the real cost of printing consumables?

Many businesses believe that purchasing what we would call a 'toner out' device for a small amount of money would be the most cost-effective option to fulfil their printing needs. The truth is that many suppliers will sell these devices with a 'stack them high, sell them cheap' approach knowing full well that you will then go on to spend astronomical amounts purchasing the consumables to run them. Many of these devices come with just a one-year warranty and have parts within them that once that warranty expires, are more expensive to replace than the device was to purchase in the first place! Please see below two real life examples of just how expensive these devices are to run in comparison to the managed solution we can provide. Note that with our service agreements, all toners, drums, parts and call outs are included - and as your equipment will be maintained by the supporting manufacturer, there is no warranty that expires, meaning that with our expert advice, you will maximise the longevity you get out of the device.

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