Network installations

Creating a network to serve an organisation's information needs is more than just stringing computers together. It requires intelligent design and correct implementation so information and resources are available to those who need it in a timely fashion. Documents need to be available to print, distribute or synchronise with other devices as and when required. As storage requirements grow, storage needs to be scalable so it can be increased without loss or severe disruption. In the event of a disaster, an organisation's data also needs to be recoverable. To add another layer of complexity to all of this, it's often a requirement to make company resources accessible to outside parties such as home and remote workers. Our engineers have been installing networks for over 20 years so we're proud of the networking knowledge we can offer clients.

We also supply and install servers and workstations; please see our servers and workstations page here.

Network monitoring

We design and implement industry-leading monitoring systems that continually probe and report on an organisation's network to ensure optimal, continued operation. Network devices have availability, health and other outputs measured 24 hours a day to verify their operational status. This provides an on-site or remote IT administrator with a real-time overview of the network's operational health as well as the status of individual devices. They also receive automatically generated text and email alerts when issues on the network arise allowing them to take immediate action to prevent downtime. The industry-leading IT infrastructure monitoring system we deploy is fully customisable in terms of the level and depth of monitoring that takes place. This allows us to design the system to meet the requirements of individual clients. Please see our network monitoring page here for more details.

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