Data cabling

Itelica install structured Cat5e, Cat6 cabling and fibre. After making a detailed site survey, for which we don't charge, we will advise on the cost and timescale. We are able to handle all aspects of your infrastructure installation including data cabling, routers, switches, comms cabinets, patch panels, powerline adapters, wireless access points and the ordering of broadband connections and their subsequent installation. We have clients who prior to moving into brand new or newly renovated premises without any infrastructure in place simply delegate this to us and let us get on with it. Once done we can provide full testing and certification of the installation to Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard using Fluke network testing equipment.

Need more network points?

If you simply need some additional network points installed we are happy to help with this too. Please call to arrange a free site survey so we can give you a quote.

call 01603 340095 or email your enquiry below: