CCTV systems

We install commercial CCTV systems. Our CCTV systems use cutting edge, best-of-breed camera and NVRs. Our range of cameras can be managed and viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via a central portal which is cloud based or locally provisioned. As well as being reliable and secure, our CCTV systems have advanced features like motion detection, auto-discovery, user-level security, storage management, reporting, mobile device support and infrared night vision that reaches up to 25 meters. We leverage our IT and internet connectivity expertise to make sure your CCTV system run on robust, reliable hardware and, when needed, backup systems are in place such as failover broadband connections, uninterruptible power supplies and fault tolerant NVR hardware.

Managed Service

As with wireless networks, we offer CCTV systems as a fully managed service. This means that, once installed, you pay a fixed sum each month and we fully manage and support your CCTV system including maintenance, firmware and software upgrades. Optionally, we include the replacement of any failed cameras, NVRs, routers and other network devices, giving you full peace of mind that your CCTV system is available when needed.

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