Every organisation relies on the internet for emails and accessing online information and services. We install ADSL2+, FTTC (fibre), EoFTTC, Leased Line and 4G Mobile Broadband internet connections. Fibre is now widely available and vastly improves browsing, streaming and download speeds. Where the availability of internet connectivity is critical we install multiple connections in failover mode. If one broadband link fails connectivity is seamlessly maintained by automatically switching users to the working connection keeping your business online. We also configure multiple connections with load balancing so that individual user internet sessions are assigned sequentially to each broadband link, which evenly distributes the load over all of them. In additional to this we provide bonded broadband services which aggregate the bandwidth of multiple connections, making the total bandwidth available as one connection.

We also install mobile broadband connections that do not require a telephone landline or any other wired infrastructure to be in place. This service is ideal for locations such as kiosks or areas where it's not possible to install a phone line. It can also be used as a failover broadband connection which is completely independent of ADSL & fibre services based on BT's network infrastructure and PSTN lines.

Connectivity issues?

If you have issues with your current broadband service being slow or unreliable we can normally help. We have many years experience in dealing with providers such as BT and other ISPs and are aware of the correct trouble-shooting procedures to get issues resolved in a timely fashion. We test throughput speeds following a recognised methodology which is accepted by BT and other ISPs. Once done we report issues found and liaise with ISPs until the issue is resolved.

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