If any of your systems have been infected by a virus, call us and we'll make an emergency site visit to clean the infection and remove all traces of spyware and malware. Once the device(s) in question have been cleaned we'll advise on strategies to prevent future infections. We also offer a free collect and return service for infected machines. Call us now on 01603 340095 for help.

Which is the best product to use?

If you're looking for an antivirus product, how do you choose the right one? Well, you could download each of the antivirus products available and, one by one, install and run them on a machine for a week to see how effective they are at doing what they claim to do while simultaneously monitoring how much of your system resources each one uses and whether this slows your machine down or affects your ability to get other tasks done. At the same time, you could assess how easy each of the products is to install, configure and administer. You could combine this first-hand experience with industry reviews and analysis of each product. This will give you a well-researched and informed conclusion as to which product to use. But why bother when Itelica have already done all of these things for you?

The award-winning antivirus software we supply has been analysed and tested by ourselves and industry experts and this is why we know it is a best-of-breed solution for our clients. On top of this, it is fantastic value compared to other leading applications. So put your test machine away, we've done the hard work for you!

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