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Itelica install and configure reliable and robust wireless access points and networks. From a single wireless access point to provide a hotspot or extend wireless range within a specific location to centrally managed wireless arrays covering entire sites such as schools or university campuses. We also install point-to-point wireless bridges that connect two or more separate sites that cannot be connected using conventional wired or fibre technology. When Itelica install wireless networks we have performance, reliability and security at the forefront of our thinking. We only use industry-leading hardware with a proven track record in large scale production environments. By doing this we know the wireless networks we install will perform as our client's expect. We configure access points and controllers for optimal speed, including the latest 802.11 AC standard, while ensuring high levels of security are also implemented.

Connectivity issues?

We also trouble-shoot issues with wireless connectivity to identify and rectify the cause. We run a series of tests using a variety of tools and techniques to establish if issues are caused by inadequate, faulty or misconfigured devices, weak signals as a result of internal building configuration, channel congestion, repetitive electrical impulse noise or other less obvious factors. Once we have identified the issues(s) we rectify them to resolve the problem.