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VoIP telephony

Put simply, our hosted VoIP systems save our clients a lot of money! Our client's, on average, receive monthly invoices from us of around £58.00 including call costs. Previously, many of them were paying BT in the region of £450.00 each month. Even if they moved to us from a different VoIP provider, they were often paying around £150.00 per month. These huge savings are not at the expense of quality of service either. Our client's regularly tell us the service they receive from us is better and also comes with more flexibility as well as call features. Furthermore, we don't tie them into long contracts like some providers. Our clients have roiling one-month contracts. We are able to offer these because we are confident they will not find a better, more cost-effective VoIP service anywhere else.

System & setup costs

The costs below are for supplying and configuring the number of handsets shown to the point they are making and receiving calls with the full range of VoIP features. It includes setting up and configuring the hosted VoIP system with the number of phones purchased, configuring voicemail and out-of-hours messages, call routing, call forwarding, menu options & speed dials for each phone as per our client's requirements. As this is a one-off cost the only subsequent costs are for calls at the rates shown at the bottom of this page and a monthly charge of between £2 and £4 per phone. It's clear the savings made on calls alone soon pay for the handsets and installation. Many of our clients have recouped the entire cost of the handsets and installation within six to eight months. After this they only pay minimum monthly costs and have the added benefit of outright ownership of enterprise VoIP handsets compatible with any VoIP system.

Benefits of VoIP telephone systems

In addition to saving you money and presenting customers with a more professional image a VoIP telephone system gives your business more flexibility. Your phones can be assigned internal extensions from your main number and/or direct dial numbers. A caller can be presented with various options (press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for customer services, etc) and be automatically connected to the appropriate member of staff based on their selection. Calls can easily be transferred to other members of staff and calls that are unanswered can be picked up from another phone. Callers can be placed on hold while music or a marketing message is played. Telephones can be located at different sites or in the same building and calls moved between them seamlessly. Conference calls with multiple participants can also be hosted easily.

If a specific member of staff isn't available a call can be put through to their voicemail or automatically redirected to another device, including their mobile phone. Calls received while your business is closed can be greeted with a customised out-of-hours message, redirected to other numbers (including mobile) or sent to voicemail.

The flexibility of VoIP systems makes them ideal for growing businesses. Additional numbers, handsets and extensions can be quickly added when needed allowing your business to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and growth. With a VoIP telephone system your business can be mobile and have offices in any location as well as expand or streamline as needed.

Number porting

if you wish to keep your current number we can usually port it to our hosted VoIP system . Once you have completed the required forms needed to move numbers from another telecoms provider we manage the process for you. There is usually a charge of £25 for this.

Call rates
Peak rate Off-peak rate
UK 01, 02, 03 1p 0.5p
UK 0800 0.0p 0.0p
UK 0845 4.5p 4.5p
UK mobiles 8.5p 8.0p
Call features
  • IVR menu (e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for customer services)
  • Multiple internal extensions for a single number
  • Call on hold (with music or message)
  • Call transferring
  • Automatic call forwarding to another number (mobile or landline)
  • Automatic out-of-hours menu with different call routing
  • Call recording (1 or 5 years)
  • Call conferencing
  • Call blocking
  • Voicemail