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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive productivity solution that delivers familiar Office applications coupled with powerful enterprise-class communications and collaboration capabilities. The main difference with Office 365 is that it is a subscription service, not a product you buy upfront. This provides businesses with an opportunity to switch a significant portion of their IT spending from a capital expenditure model to an operating cost model. Being subscription based it entitles users to the latest versions of the software for the duration of the subscription, meaning organisations can keep up to date instead of playing catch up every few years.

Exchange Online
(mailbox only)
Office 365
Business Essentials
Office 365
Office 365
Business Premium
Annual commitment
(paid annually)
£3.00 user/month £3.80 user/month £7.90 user/month £9.40 user/month
Monthly commitment
(paid monthly)
N/A £4.50 user/month £9.60 user/month £11.30 user/month

Anywhere Access

As Office 365 is a cloud-based solution you have a range of benefits including anywhere access. All your documents, email and contacts can be retrieved wherever you are from any browser so you can access you work whenever you need to without having to be in the office. This includes Microsoft's online Office suite, so when you are away from your normal PC but still need to work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote documents you can open the documents in a web browser and use many of the familiar office tools you see on your everyday machine.


Another advantage is the scalability of Office 365. It can grow as your business grows. Purchasing new licenses and assigning existing licences to different users is a relatively simple task.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft partner, Itelica can not only supply you with Office 365 software but also provide guidance on getting the most from it. Even if you have an on-premises Exchange server and would like to move your email system to the cloud our experience in migrations of this kind mean we can help with that too. Please call us to discuss how Office 365 can help your business to become more flexible and productive.