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Of all the tools used by businesses to communicate and collaborate, email is probably the most important. Itelica provide a range of cost-effective business email solutions. From simple cloud-based POP/IMAP mailboxes to fully-fledged, dedicated mail servers incorporating a sophisticated range of features which are hosted on the Microsoft or AWS resilient cloud platform or in your premises. Cloud based mail services can be provided fully-managed or part-managed if you want the ability to add your own mailboxes, users and email addresses. We listen to your requirements before advising on the best solution for your business. Below are the prices for our email solutions:

Email clients

We install Outlook and other email clients and configure these with your mailboxes. Although Outlook is the email client we install most, Itelica also supply and configure other email clients that work as well as Outlook and even connect to Exchange mail servers and Office 365 mailboxes but are a fraction of Outlook's cost. This means it's no longer necessary to purchase Microsoft Office just to use the Outlook email client to collect email from your mailboxes. We also provide alternatives to Word and Excel if desired.

Backup service

If you already run your own mail server we can provide a backup system that will ensure you won't lose vital emails if your server fails. In the event your server fails mail is automatically redirected to our server where it remains until collected. From a catchall POP account that stores your mail until your server is back online to a full mail service providing continued availability of email, contacts & appointments via PCs & mobile devices. This peace of mind is provided for your whole business for as little as £24 per year.

SMTP relay

We provide authenticated mail relay services (sometimes called SMTP AUTH) and smart hosts allowing outbound mail to be sent via our mail servers, even when the mailbox is hosted elsewhere. This is independent of locatation or the network devices are connected to. For example, it allows mobile workers to send email from mobile devices connected to any public or private network. This service can also be used if your ISP doesn't provide an outgoing SMTP server or your own SMTP server is down or unreliable.

Spam filtering

If you operate your own on-premises mail server and your current anti-spam system is ineffective we can remove spam and virus-infected mail before it reaches you. By filtering messages at internet level 99% of junk is removed before it hits your server, conserving resources and increasing productivity in addition to dramatically reducing the chances of computers becoming infected with viruses. It also means your valuable internet bandwidth is used for productive purposes and not by spammers delivering their junk to you.