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IT consultancy

Itelica have been advising organisations on how to best use information technology to meet their business objectives since 2002. Because we have clients from a wide range of business sectors and industries including food wholesalers, architects, financial advisors, environmental service providers, freight companies, estate agents, mortgage advisors, printers, property developers, packaging suppliers and more we have experience of implementing IT solutions in a variety of different industrial and business environments.

By analysing our client's business processes and listening to their requirements we are able to help them improve productivity, reduce operating costs and become more effective at serving their customers. Much of the consultancy work we do revolves around the automating of repetitive tasks that are currently done manually and as such are both time consuming and costly. We work closely with other specialists and providers of software that help us replace these manually undertaken tasks with automated processes. The cost of replacing manual systems with automated systems is often recouped within 12 months of the new systems going live.

By providing guidance and advice in all areas of IT including options, procurement, deployment, integration, planning and development we enable clients to make value based decisions that offer real benefits to their business. We also manage IT projects and liaise with third parties on our client's behalf to ensure these projects are completed successfully with objectives met.

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