Backup & business continuity

Itelica offer data backup and business continuity solutions that fit your business. Whether it is online backup to cloud based storage, onsite backup to network attached storage & removable drives or site-to-site synchronisation we will look at how you work and implement the best solution for you.

Whereas many IT providers simply advise online backups because these are easy for them to implement, we will only advise this if it is genuinely the best solution for your organisation. For some organisations, better solutions exist. For example, when clients have multiple sites we can install storage systems at two or more sites that continually synchronise with one another over secure VPN connections. If one site suffers a disaster the other site holds an identical copy of the data and is able to provide real-time failover. Not only does this avoid time-consuming data restoration over the internet but in extreme cases of fire or flood staff are able to relocate to any internet connected location or the failover site itself and continue to work normally. This is an example of how we tailor business continuity solutions for each client rather than simply offering a one-size-fits-all.